The Lock Enterprise Edition Security Manager Server
Version 5.11.0101

Full Networking support for administration and monitoring of remote Lock installations. (Recommended target systems for SMS installation are Windows Server 2003 or 2008).

Description: The Lock Security Manager Server (SMS) is a server side utility designed for easy administration, configuration and remote security update of The Lock in a network environment. This utility includes a web based administrator interface for remote system monitoring from any web browser.
  • Public release.
  • Added support to remote control client systems using VNC
  • Added support to remote control client systems using Remote Administrator
  • Added support for User Manager to make connections to the SMS from a remote system
  • New and updated documentation


  • Support for all platforms of Windows XP or later running desktop and server versions.
  • Runs as a system service.
  • Remote Lock User Interface.
    • Web based interface allows connections via any web browser. (A valid user name and password must be supplied).
    • View remote desktops, program information and logs.
    • Lock and unlock remote systems.
    • Force remote updates.
    • Send messages to remote lock users.
  • Password authentication via:
    • local password file
    • Windows login password
    • Novell Netware 3.12 / 4.1x NDS and Bindery (Requires Novell's Client 32)
    • Windows NT
  • Intuitive setup for both single users and multiple users..
  • Activity logs
    • Log user access violation attempts
    • Create and audit log of all programs and windows a user runs or opens.
  • Network features -
    • Web based interface for remote monitor control from the Administrators workstation
    • Create a network cloned image of a Lock install for easy loading onto another workstation on the network.
    • Automatic update of The Lock on a workstation via a Novell Netware and Windows NT login scripts
  • Create auto-installer program for one-step installation of remote systems
OS Support:

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008